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 The first thing that differentiates the search results of various browsers is their underlying search engine and in contrary to what mostly ordinary people think, Chrome, or Internet Explorer are not search engines but just names of the top of an applications that searches the web and retrieves the results. There are basically three types of search engines, that is, Webkit, Trident and Gecko. They are used by Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox respectively. Lunascape is an advanced browser that is targeted towards professionals to utilize the benefits of each of these engines depending upon the specific needs. 


 - For example, the bank sites are usually based on Trident. One feature of Lunascape is that you can associate different type of sites with different engines, and even if the default engine is something else, it will Auto-Switch to the most desired one, as per your settings. 
 - It is a all-in-one browser that comes with more than hundreds of inbuilt functions needed by modern browsers. Functions might include some very basics like Additional Options of Hightlighted Texts.
 - It saves you from the effort to additionally install plugins and extensions manually. Since, you do not need to install any add-ons and extensions the speed of the browser is higher than other browsers and there is no issue or security risks.

 Highest Speed

 Lunascape has been timed to perform way better than Internet Explorer, Firefox, particularly for the ones that are running the Gecko and Webkit ones by default. These advances have been introduced in the latest version Lunascape 6 or Lunascape Orion. 
 - The speeds listed here are in response to both the startup speeds and the javascript execution speeds. This measures are in comparison to all other browsers that are built of Gecko, even with hundreds add-ons installed.


 Lunascape also comes with triple add-ons support, which means that it supports add-ons from all the three major browser types like Forefox, running Gecko, Chrome running Webkit and IE running Trident. The add-ons manager floats separately and is easier to manage than others. 
 - The cascaded style (side by side windows) and tiled windows views helps you look at various pages simultaneously. This might be required when you need to refer to more pages at the same time.
 - You can use any one of the three engines and view the site in whichever engine it looks the best.

 The current offering is Lunascape 6 and available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Changes on the new version:
Fixed the bug that dialogs related to HTTP and HTTPS are shown repeatedly on Trident.
Lunascape screenshotLunascape screenshot

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